Where should I start from. Hmmm Ok lets start with the journey. We a group of my 8 close friends decided to head to Raigad and then to my native place Kelshi. We had hired my brother in law's Qualis for travelling. We started our journey from Thane at sharp 12.15 am on 24th December, 2009 (25th Dec, early morning to be precise). Then we headed straight way towards Raigad and reached there at around 5.45 am early morning. It was pitch dark in there when we reached. It was a gr8 experience in that chilly morning (everyone getting a bit cosy and making themselves warm).

We started our trek towards the Raigad fort at around 6 am (was still dark). It was a very tiring but a memorable experience for all of us. While trekking ahead we could see the mountains and the beautiful scenic beauty as we walked by. Our rule for achieving the "TARGET RAIGAD MISSION" was stop n walk i.e We took small intervals in between as it was too tiring for all of us (Just couldn't imagine how our Veer Mawlas must had trekked this huge fort day in and out). There was a gr8 feeling of satisfaction while trekking on this beautiful and the most historical monument. Finally after 2 hrs and 45 mins we reached our target. The view from top was truly amazing and we just could not control ourselves from clicking as many snaps as we could.

It was a gr8 achievement for all of us and we felt proud that yes we achieved our target (though took a long long time to get up to the top). We could hear a lot of chant like "Shivaji MAharajancha Vijay aso" and "Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki JAI". We hold the Bhagwa Zenda in our hands and felt proud that we were born in a state where we had a KING like Shivaji Maharaj. It's an honour to be born and brought up in a state of such a dashing and a fearless leader. This trip will be one of the most memorable trip of all times. Thanks to all who came and contributed to make this journey a successful one....
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  1. dhanashree Says:

    ajun khup kahi lihita yeil kelshibaddal.........

  2. dhanashree Says:

    manje ajun sahi vatel......

  3. vagabond.. Says:
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