A trip to Kelshi - Dapoli will give you pleasure of staying at a hill station and still being close to the sea.

A trip to Kelshi is a perfect Getaway to a Rustic Konkan and its serenity. If you want to taste the real village life in konkan, Kelshi is the ideal getaway. The village is very small and there is only one hotel Gulmohar in kelshi and you can also stay at places where people offer lodging facilities in their homes.

There are a lot of places nearby like Suvarnadurga fort and a very beautiful beach at karde.

Located at 17 kms. from Dapoli at Harne, The Suvarnadurg fort consists of two forts, kanakdurga the land fort and Suvarnadurga the sea fort. Earlier there was a tunnel connecting both the forts but now only way to go to Suvarnadurga is through a boat. However currently there is no regular boat service to the fort and one has to arrange for the ferry from the local fishermen.

Dapoli is considered a Hill Station and the climate is pleasant.
The Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth at Dapoli is also worth your visit, Nature lovers will surely like it. There are a lot of good Hotels in Dapoli and Murud. You can also visit the nearby Panhalekaji caves.

Places around Kelshi

Places around Kelshi, Dapoli - Ratnagiri
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  1. Yayati Bapat Says:

    The sand dunes on the Kelshi Beach, believed to be formed by Tsunami are worth a visit.

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