Kelshi is a beautiful village on the Western Coast of India. Although it is only 240 km from Mumbai.

Kelshi is famous for at least two historic monuments, the Dargah of Yaqub Sarvari (who was the 11th spiritual leader of Shivaji) and Laxmi Mandir. Thus Kelshi is an evidence of Shivajai's tolerance for Muslims and that he was at war with Moghals and not Muslims as some people believe now.

Additionally, on the shore of Kelshi (Mandiltar) many pre-historic objects (coins, pottery etc.) have been found. The inscriptions on these odd shape coins indicate that it must have been a stopover (not a full-fledge port) over 2000 years for pre-Islamic Arab sailors passing through India for trading with China on behalf of the Roman empire. No excavation has been done here yet.

Recently mining for bauxite has been going on in Kelshi that is threatening the ecology and environment of the village.
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